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Banners for groups


SOUL Ihumatao, Fiona Jack and Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Fabric paint, fringe and satin applique on silk.

Donated to SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape) community action group in Ihumatao, Mangere.


ESRA, 2017.


Whau the People, Satin applique, fringe and embroidery on silk.
Typeface by Janet Lilo, banner held by Jody McMillam.

Embroidery references Vaimaile Urale’s Tatau mural and design for Whau Arts Festival 2015. Donated to Whau the People at the opening of their community art space All Goods, 2016.


Calarts Faculty Union, 2015, satin and cotton applique onto cotton.

Donated to faculty members at Calarts during their 2015 mobilisation to unionise.

Plutocracy, Fiona Jack and Olivia Blyth, fabric paint on cotton, 2015.