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    Fiona Jack, Posters, edition 50, woodblock print and silkscreen on cardboard. Printed and designed by Colby Poster, Los Angeles, s/f split/fountain, Auckland, New Zealand, 2009



    Colby Poster Printing Co. in Los Angeles is a family run business operating since 1946 who produce a significant portion of the printed material that is iconic to downtown LA. Their letterpress fluorescent posters are widely used for fiestas, carnivals and political campaigning. For this project I gave Colby a sentence (with no context) and asked them to design, typeset and print 50 posters however they wished. The text was the first sentence of Barack Obama’s inauguration speech. When I went to pick up the posters they told me that they had done “something special” for me. They had printed my posters on top of posters from the overrun (trash) pile.